Class Descriptions

Yoga for Beginners
Sequences will be broken down a bit slower and are designed to teach the basics of yoga to new students, or those who wish to refine their basic skills. Modifications for injuries will be learned if requested. This class is open to all levels.

Flow and Meditate
This class begins with a series of warming and opening postures and progresses through a gentle flow. The class is easy to follow and a great choice for those looking to develop their practice in a softer, nurturing, slower-paced and well-supported way while at the same time inspiring, motivating and challenging the practitioner. The class incorporates carefully orchestrated movements, well-measured stretches and range of motion exercises into the asana (poses). Postures are often approached in gradual steps, with focus on breathing and repetition so that the practitioner becomes comfortable with each asana. Gentle yoga encourages a highly individualized approach to practice with on-going encouragement to make moment-to-moment adjustments. This class provides a compassionate, non-competitive environment that is accessible to all. May include breath work and guided meditation.

All Levels Flow
Sequences will flow through at a moderate pace. Expect the level of this class to vary. Feel free to move at your own pace, or you may follow the instructor’s cues to make the poses more challenging. The instructor will offer modifications to the asanas to support all levels of experience. You can decide how far to take your body. Having done a beginning level class is recommended before coming to an all-levels flow.

Vinyasa Flow 2/3 Sequences will move and flow continuously. Movement will be linked to the breath. Level 2/3 will be a vigorous flow, with strength and breath as the focus. Arm balances and inversions will be taught at the instructor’s discretion. The body will be challenged as poses are held for longer periods of time, and the practice becomes one of fine-tuning within each posture. Yoga experience recommended.

Kid's Yoga
Designed for ages 6-10, this class will lead your child through a fun, creative and mindful sequence. Yoga for kids is said to help develop muscles and upper body strength which is so very important in kids who are learning to write and develop fine and gross motor skills. Breath work and attention skills are strengthened too!

Teen and Tween
This class is designed for teens and tweens from 5th grade through high school. With popular music, partner poses, strength building activities, the instructors at EASY will guide your teens through an invigorating, challenging, mindful, and FUN hour of yoga! They will learn the importance of breath, stress release, stretching, self esteem and body awareness. Participants should bring their own yoga mats and wear comfortable clothing that allows movement.

Y12SR  (Yoga of 12 Step Recovery)
Y12SR is a twelve step based discussion and yoga practice open to anyone and everyone affected by the addictive behaviors of others or dealing with their own addictive behavior. This is an open and inclusive class. All A's are welcome. In this class we weave together the ancient wisdom of yoga and the practical tools of the 12 Step programs. We recognize that the "issues live in our tissues" and through our intentional, themed yoga practice, guided by our breath, we invoke a higher understanding to help us release whatever is being held. 

The class is in no way a replacement for 12-Step meetings, a sponsor, or any other part of a 12 Step recovery program. It is an adjunct providing another helpful tool in addressing the physical, mental and spiritual dis-ease of addiction. The sharing and practices are based in the 12 Steps. Just as the practices of yoga bring us into alignment, the 12 Steps bring us into right alignment with something greater than ourselves. The class consists of a combination of sharing experience, wisdom and strength followed by a yoga practice. Y12SR classes are open to people of all levels of yoga experience and at all stages of recovery (minimum 24 hours clean time required).

Power Hour Sequences will flow at a moderate to vigorous pace. Expect to clear your mind and strengthen and tone your body. Power Hour classes will be strength-based. You can expect to get a good workout for your core, arms, legs, and butt! The All Levels options will offer modifications to support all experience levels of yoga.

Lunchtime Flow Sequences will flow through at a moderate pace. Expect to salute the sun, hold some Warrior poses and planks, and then get a good stretch before heading back to the office (or your kids!). Instructor will offer modifications for most poses to assist all students.

Mindful Flow This class will flow from one pose to the next at a moderate pace. Alignment will be emphasized. Students will learn to build a strong foundation in strength, skill, focus and balance in this class. This class is acceptable for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners.

Candlelight Yin/ Restoratives In the Yin practice, passive stretches are held for longer periods of time. The Yin practice is the perfect complement to the more vigorous Vinyasa practice, as well as any other physical activities you may indulge in, such as running, hiking, biking, swimming, or even gardening. Stretches are held in order to open up the connective tissues within the body that become tight from active lifestyles or injury. Restorative yoga will be added to this class, as props are used to help the body fully and completely ease into a state of complete relaxation. Candles will add the perfect touch to this relaxing class. All levels are welcome.

Reservoir Yoga Class meets at our neighbor, the Lafayette Reservoir **15 minutes before class time. Our Reservoir flow class will be taught at an all level pace, however, some yoga experience is recommended. The instructor will focus on strength building and breath and may offer some advanced asana options such as arm balanced and inversions. Normal studio class rates apply for this class. Class meets at the left end of the parking lot and will take place on or near the staging area by the playground. Please bring your mat, water, and sunscreen! This class is included in the unlimited monthly membership package.

SUP Yoga Stand up paddleboard yoga is a fun and exhilarating experience we recommend every try at least once! Certified SUP Yoga instructor will lead you through a mindful and challenging sequence while balancing on your paddleboard. All levels of yoga and paddling experience are welcome! The only prerequisite is knowing how to swim. Classes are held in the beautiful Glen Cove marina on the border of Benicia and Vallejo. Very limited spaces. Preregistration is required. All equipment is provided. Check dates and sign up online! Private parties and events are available by appointment. SUP yoga class is not included in the unlimited monthly membership package.

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Classes include Vinyasa, Power, Restorative, Beginning, Kids, Tweens/Teens, Yoga for Athletes, and soon, pre and post natal yoga.  Workshops  are held throughout the year.



Welcome to Earth and Sea Yoga!  Our schedule offers classes for every level of yoga.  From Therapeutic to Power, and everything in between, there is a class for everyone!  

Instructors are all experienced, certified and eager to help each student achieve their goals.  

Classes are kept small for a more individualized approach to yoga.



We are proud to be offering donation based classes as part of the Yoga of 12 Step Recovery program.  Current time is Mondays from 1:30-3pm.  Please see our 

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